Return Value

A substring that contains characters in the string that are in lpszCharSet, beginning with the first character in the string and ending when a character is found in the string that is not in lpszCharSet.SpanIncluding returns an empty substring if the first character in the string is not in the specified set.



A string interpreted as a set of characters.


Call this member function to extract characters from the string, starting with the first character, that are in the set of characters identified by lpszCharSet. If the first character of the string is not in the character set, then SpanIncluding returns an empty string. Otherwise, it returns a sequence of consecutive characters which are in the set.


The following example demonstrates the use of CString::SpanIncluding.

// example for CString::SpanIncluding
CString str( "cabbage" );
CString res = str.SpanIncluding( "abc" );
ASSERT( res == "cabba" );
res = str.SpanIncluding( "xyz" );
ASSERT( res.IsEmpty( ) );

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