HttpWebRequest.Finalize Method

[ This article is for Windows Phone 8 developers. If you’re developing for Windows 10, see the latest documentation. ]

Releases the resources held by the current HttpWebRequest instance.

Namespace: System.Net
Assembly: System.Net (in System.Net.dll)


Protected Overrides Sub Finalize
protected override void Finalize()


In Windows Phone, this method overrides the default Object..::.Finalize method on the HttpWebRequest class. This member override applies only to the versions listed in "Version Information" later in this topic.

Application code does not call this method; it is automatically invoked during garbage collection, unless finalization by the garbage collector has been disabled. For more information, see GC..::.SuppressFinalize and Object..::.Finalize. This method overrides Object..::.Finalize.

Version Information

Windows Phone OS

Supported in: 8.1, 8.0, 7.1, 7.0


Windows Phone

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