Microsoft.Devices Namespace

[ This article is for Windows Phone 8 developers. If you’re developing for Windows 10, see the latest documentation. ]

Contains information related to the hardware of Windows Phone devices.


  Class Description
Camera The base class for camera application support.
CameraButtons Provides events that are triggered by the device shutter button.
CameraOperationCompletedEventArgs Provides data for camera events such as Initialized, AutoFocusCompleted, and CaptureCompleted.
CameraVideoBrushExtensions Uses the VideoBrush to render a composited video source onto an object. Typical usage is to provide the background for elements such as a rectangle or container.
ContentReadyEventArgs Provides data for PhotoCamera events.
Environment Gives applications access to information about the environment in which they are running. In the current release, the only supported property of this class is DeviceType, which is used to determine if an application is running on an actual Windows Phone device or on the device emulator on a PC.
MediaHistory The MediaHistory class contains information about media items that are newly acquired, recently played, or currently playing.
MediaHistoryItem Contains information about the media item that will show up in the user media history.
PhotoCamera Provides the basic camera functionality for a Windows Phone still camera application. This class includes members for enabling and configuring functionality such as image capture, focus, resolution, and flash mode. Also, it provides events for camera focus, image capture, and image availability.
StartButton Provides an event that is triggered by the device start button.
VibrateController Allows Windows Phone applications to start and stop vibration on the device. Obtain an instance of this class using the Default method.
YCbCrPixelLayout Represents the current YCbCr plane layout for GetPreviewBufferYCbCr(array<Byte>[]()[]).


  Enumeration Description
CameraType Specifies the general location of the camera on the device.
DeviceType Defines the device type values used by the DeviceType property.
FlashMode Defines the operating mode of the camera flash.