SetFile Method

Adds the downloaded enclosure file to the Windows RSS Platform.


FeedEnclosure.SetFile(downloadUrl, downloadFilePath, downloadMimeType, enclosureFilename)


downloadUrl Required. String that specifies a valid absolute (non-relative) URL.
downloadFilePath Required. String that specifies the local system path to the download folder.
downloadMimeType Required. String that specifies the final MIME type of the file.
enclosureFilename Required. String that specifies the file name of the enclosure. The file specified in enclosureFilename is moved from the location specified in downloadFilePath to the location defined by LocalEnclosurePath.

Return Value

No return value.


The SetFile method is designed to enable applications that perform their own downloads to share data with other applications that use the Windows RSS Platform. Setting the enclosure URL with this method does not cause the Windows RSS Platform to perform the download. Calling this method will cancel pending downloads and delete the previous enclosure file, if one exists.

Note  AsyncDownload will always download the original enclosure even if an alternate file has been set.

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