Microsoft.SideShow Namespace


Class Description
Content Represents content that can be sent from a gadget to its connected devices.
ContentMissingEventArgs Provides data for the ContentMissing event.
DeviceCapabilities Represents a device's capabilities. This class cannot be inherited.
DeviceCapabilityEventArgs Provides device capability data for various SideShowGadget events.
DeviceCapabilityId Specifies a device's capability ID. This class cannot be inherited.
GadgetPropertyPage Represents a SideShow gadget's control panel property page.
GadgetRegistration Provides methods to register and unregister a SideShow gadget. This class cannot be inherited.
ImageContent Represents Simple Content Format image content that can be sent to a device.
SideShowGadget Provides a generic view of a Windows SideShow-compatible device regardless of the endpoint.
TextContent Represents text that can be sent from a gadget to its connected Windows SideShow-compatible devices.


Delegate Description
SideShowGadget.EventRaiser Represents a callback to a protected virtual method that raises an event.


Enumeration Description
DeviceButton Specifies a device's buttons.
DeviceColorType Indicates a device's color type.
DeviceScreenType Indicates a device's screen type.
GadgetCachePolicies Specifies how devices should cache a gadget's content.
ImageContentTransforms Indicates the kinds of transformations that should be applied to an image when it is sent from a gadget to a device

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