AllJoyn API


AllJoyn is a DCOM-like framework and protocol for making remotable method calls and/or sending one-way signals between applications on a distributed bus. It is intended to be used primarily for Internet of Things type scenarios such as turning on/off lights, reading temperatures, etc.

This API is public in order to allow code we contribute to the AllJoyn SDK (distributed through the AllSeen Alliance) to call this API. It is not expected to be used directly by developers, but is expected to be used by apps that compile using the AllJoyn SDK.

Most of our AllJoyn API is open source and documented in the AllSeen Alliance Documents. Visit AllSeen Alliance website to view the complete AllJoyn SDK.

For more information about this API that is not included in the links above, see the following topic:

Developer audience

AllJoyn API is designed for use by primarily by Internet of Things developers using the AllJoyn standard. This API should not be used directly, instead apps should use this to compile using the AllJoyn SDK.