AMVABeginFrameInfo structure

The AMVABeginFrameInfo structure contains information for the IAMVideoAccelerator::BeginFrame method.


typedef struct _tag_AMVABeginFrameInfo {
  DWORD  dwDestSurfaceIndex;
  LPVOID pInputData;
  DWORD  dwSizeInputData;
  LPVOID pOutputData;
  DWORD  dwSizeOutputData;
} AMVABeginFrameInfo, *LPAMVABeginFrameInfo;



The zero-based index of the uncompressed destination surface. The number of uncompressed surfaces is specified in the IAMVideoAcceleratorNotify::SetUncompSurfacesInfo method.


Pointer to a buffer that contains data for the video accelerator.

This buffer must contain a WORD value that is equal to the value of dwDestSurfaceIndex.


Size, in bytes, of the buffer that pInputData points to. The value must be 2.


Pointer to a buffer that the video accelerator can write to.

This member must be NULL.


Size, in bytes, of the buffer that pOutputData points to. The value must be zero.


The buffer pointed to by pInputData cannot contain pointer values, because their addresses will not be valid in kernel mode, where frame processing occurs.

The video accelerator might not use the same surface memory in two consecutive calls with the same frame index. Therefore, the decoder should not make any assumption about the initial contents of the frame.


Minimum supported client Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Header amva.h (include Videoacc.h)

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