Microsoft.Assessments.Runtime Namespace

Applies To: Windows 8.1


Class Description
Activity This interfaces provides access to Activity objects.
ActivityCollection This interface provides containers for Activity objects.
ActivityReference This interface provides access to ActivityReference objects. An ActivityReference holds data from an Issue/Impact/RelatedActivities/ActivityReference element.
AffectedMetricCollection This interface provides containers for the metric references of an Issue. An AffectedMetricCollection object holds data from element Issue/AffectedMetrics. A metric reference is the value of an Issue/AffectedMetrics/MetricReference element.
CategoryCollection This interface provides containers for the categories of an Issue. A CategoryCollection object holds data from element Issue/Categories. A category is the value of an Issue/Categories/Category element.
EnvironmentVariable Defines the names of parameters that exist in the EnvironmentVariable object.
ErrorWarning This interface provides the ability to create and query error and warning objects.
ErrorWarningCollection This class provides container objects for errors and warnings.
Issue This class provides access to Issue objects. The Issue objects hold data from Iteration/Issues/Issue elements.
IssueCollection This class provides containers for Issue objects.
IssueReference This interface provides access to IssueReference objects.
Iteration This interface provides access to the Iteration aspect of an AssessmentResults.
IterationCollection Provides containers for Iteration objects.
Link Provides access to Link objects.
LinkCollection Provides containers for Link objects.
LogFileCollection Provides a container object for assessment log files.
MetricThreshold Provides access to MetricThreshold objects.
MetricThresholdCollection Provides containers for MetricThreshold objects.
MetricThresholdValue Provides access to MetricThresholdValue objects.
MetricThresholdValueCollection Provides containers for MetricThresholdValue objects.
MetricValue Provides access to MetricValue objects.
MetricValueCollection Provides containers for MetricValueobjects.
Parameter Exposes assessment parameter values to the assessment.
ParameterSet Provides access to a collection of parameters in a given scope.
ParentCollection Provides containers for the parents of a test case.
ReferenceCollection Provides containers for IssueReferenceobjects.
RelatedActivityCollection Provides containers for ActivityReference objects.
ResultSnippet Provides the ability to store and query assessment results information.
SessionParameter Defines the names of parameters that exist in the Session parameter collection.
Subject Provides access to Subject objects.
Support Provides status and progress reporting capability to assessments. Enables assessments access to configuration parameters that have been defined by the job author. The Support class enables an assessment to retrieve pointers to other interfaces.
SystemState Provides access to specific system configuration settings and the ability to save and restore them.
TestCase Provides access to the TestCase elements of an AssessmentResults.
TestCaseCollection provides containers for TestCase objects
Trace Provides access to Trace objects.


Enumeration Description
AssessmentError Specifies errors returned by the AssessmentEnd event.
MetricThresholdValueComparison Specifies how AXE compares metric values.
MetricThresholdValueInclusion Indicates whether a comparison should be inclusive or exclusive.
ParameterNamespace Specifies which set of parameters to retrieve.
SystemSetting Assessments can query the system for various settings using the SystemSettingCheckBoolean API or the SystemState interface. Only some of the system settings are writable to false and some are writable to true.