EffectInformation.StaticParams Property (Microsoft.DirectX.DirectInput)

Zero or more DIEP_* values describing the parameters supported by the effect. For example, if DIEP_ENVELOPE is set, the effect supports an envelope. For a list of possible values, see InputeffectGetparameters. It is not an error for an application to attempt to use effect parameters that are not supported by the device. The unsupported parameters are ignored.This information is provided to enable the application to tailor its use of force feedback to the capabilities of the specific device.


Visual Basic Public Property StaticParams As Integer
C# public int StaticParams { get; set; }
C++ public:
property int StaticParams {
        int get();
        void set(int value);
JScript public function get StaticParams() : int
public function set StaticParams(int);

Property Value


This property is read/write.