Progress Indicators 

Progress indicators are non-interactive, visual cues that indicate that a process is underway. They provide “busy” feedback to the user. Progress indicators can be displayed as mouse pointers, which typically change into an hourglass to indicate a “busy” state, as progress bars, and as .avi animation.

The progress bar, also erroneously referred to as a status bar or slider, shows the estimated percentage of completion of a lengthy operation, such as printing or setup. The percentage of completion shown is only an approximation; it does not always correlate precisely with the process underway. Progress is indicated by a solid or segmented rectangular bar that “fills” from left to right, as shown in the following figure.

Art Image

You can use progress bars and .avi animation to reflect the progression of a background process, leaving the interactive mouse pointer (for example, the arrow) intact for performing tasks in the foreground.

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