PresentParameters.AutoDepthStencilFormat Property (Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D)

Retrieves or sets the DepthFormat of the depth stencil surface the device creates.


Visual Basic Public Property AutoDepthStencilFormat As DepthFormat
C# public DepthFormat AutoDepthStencilFormat { get; set; }
C++ public:
property DepthFormat AutoDepthStencilFormat {
        DepthFormat get();
        void set(DepthFormat value);
JScript public function get AutoDepthStencilFormat() : DepthFormat
public function set AutoDepthStencilFormat(DepthFormat);

Property Value

A DepthFormat enumerated type that describes the format of the automatic depth stencil surface the device creates.

This property is read/write. 


This member is ignored unless EnableAutoDepthStencil is set to true.