Font.raise_Lost(Object,EventArgs) Method (Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D)

Raises a Font.Lost event when called from within a derived class.


Visual Basic Protected Sub raise_Lost( _
    ByVal i1 As Object, _
    ByVal i2 As EventArgsLeave Site _
C# protected void raise_Lost(
    object i1,
    EventArgsLeave Site i2
C++ protected:
void raise_Lost(
    ObjectLeave Sitei1,
    EventArgsLeave Sitei2
JScript protected function raise_Lost(
    i1 : ObjectLeave Site,
    i2 : EventArgsLeave Site


i1 System.Object
Invoking object reference; should be this object.
i2 System.EventArgs
Arguments to pass into the event handler.