XFileGuid.MeshNormals Field (Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D)

Retrieves the globally unique identifier (GUID) for mesh normal templates.


Visual Basic Public Shared MeshNormals As GuidLeave Site
C# public static GuidLeave Site MeshNormals;
C++ public: static GuidLeave Site MeshNormals;
JScript public static var MeshNormals : GuidLeave Site

Field Value

A GuidLeave Site value that contains the GUID for mesh normal templates.

This field is read-only. 


Mesh normal templates define normals for a mesh. The first array of vectors is the normal vectors themselves, and the second array is an array of indexes that specify which normals should be applied to a given face. The value of the nFaceNormals member should be equal to the number of faces in a mesh. The following is a MeshNormals template .

template MeshNormals
    < F6F23F43-7686-11cf-8F52-0040333594A3 >
    DWORD nNormals;
    array Vector normals[nNormals];
    DWORD nFaceNormals;
    array MeshFace meshFaces[nFaceNormals];


  • nNormals - Number of normals.
  • array Vector normals[nNormals] - Array of normals. See Vector.
  • nFaceNormals - Number of face normals.
  • array MeshFace meshFaces[nFaceNormals] - Array of mesh face normals. For more information, see MeshFace.