JobUnitType enumeration

Defines the hardware resources that the scheduler can use to determine on which nodes the job can run.


typedef enum  { 
  JobUnitType_Core    = 0,
  JobUnitType_Socket  = 1,
  JobUnitType_Node    = 2
} JobUnitType;


  • JobUnitType_Core
    Use cores to schedule the job.

  • JobUnitType_Socket
    Use sockets to schedule the job.

  • JobUnitType_Node
    Use nodes to schedule the job.


The least granular resource unit is the node and the most granular resource unit is the core. For example, a node can have four cores on one socket and the node can contain multiple sockets. A job can specify that it needs a minimum of four nodes to run, regardless of how many cores are on each node. The job could also specify that it needs four cores to run, so it could run on one node that had four cores or on multiple nodes with one or two cores.



HPC Pack 2008 R2 Client Utilities, HPC Pack 2008 Client Utilities

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