GetSummaryInformation method of the Msvm_VirtualSystemManagementService class

Returns summary information for VMs and VM snapshots.


uint32 GetSummaryInformation(
  [in]  CIM_VirtualSystemSettingData REF SettingData[],
  [in]  uint32                           RequestedInformation[],
  [out] Msvm_SummaryInformationBase      SummaryInformation[]


SettingData [in]

An array that contains references to CIM_VirtualSystemSettingData instances that specify setting data for the VMs and VM snapshots. If this parameter is NULL, information for all VMs is retrieved.

RequestedInformation [in]

An array that indicates the settings to retrieve in the SettingData array. Values in the 0-99 range apply to both VMs and snapshots. Values in the 100-199 range apply to VMs only, and will be ignored for elements of SettingData that represent snapshots. Values in the 200-299 range apply to snapshots only, and will be ignored for elements of SettingData that represent virtual machines.

The possible return values are:

Name (0)

Element Name (1)

Creation Time (2)

Notes (3)

Number of Processors (4)

Small Thumbnail Image (80x60) (5)

Medium Thumbnail Image (160x120) (6)

Large Thumbnail Image (320x240) (7)

AllocatedGPU (8)

VirtualSwitchNames (9)

Version (10)

Shielded (11)

EnabledState (100)

ProcessorLoad (101)

ProcessorLoadHistory (102)

MemoryUsage (103)

Heartbeat (104)

Uptime (105)

GuestOperatingSystem (106)

Snapshots (107)

AsynchronousTasks (108)

HealthState (109)

OperationalStatus (110)

StatusDescriptions (111)

MemoryAvailable (112)

AvailableMemoryBuffer (113)

Replication Mode (114)

Replication State (115)

Replication HealthTest Replica System (116)

Application Health (117)

SwapFilesInUse (120)

IntegrationServicesVersionState (121)

MemorySpansPhysicalNumaNodes (123)

OtherEnabledState (132)

SummaryInformation [out]

An array of Msvm_SummaryInformationBase instances that contain the requested summary information. Properties that are not specified in the RequestedInformation parameter are set to NULL.

Return value

Completed with No Error (0)

Method Parameters Checked - Job Started (4096)

Failed (32768)

Access Denied (32769)

Not Supported (32770)

Status is unknown (32771)

Timeout (32772)

Invalid parameter (32773)

System is in use (32774)

Invalid state for this operation (32775)

Incorrect data type (32776)

System is not available (32777)

Out of memory (32778)


Minimum supported client
None supported
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2016

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