Checking for Memory Leaks

If your plug-in allocates a resource that is used by the server, it is recommended that you check for memory leaks by disconnecting all clients, waiting an appropriate amount of time, and verifying that the allocated resource has been released. The amount of time it takes for the server to release resources allocated by a plug-in is indeterminate. A good approximation is three to five minutes, but it may take more or less time.

You cannot use the ShutdownPlugin method on the IWMSBasicPlugin interface as a benchmark for this test. The server can release resources either before or after it calls this method. The actual point of release is indeterminate.

A plug-in can allocate different types of resources, but the most common is probably an IWMSContext object. You can allocate an IWMSContext object by using the IWMSClassObject interface.

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