How to Build and Register the Proxy Sample

You must use Microsoft Visual Studio .NET to build the WMS SDK Sample Proxy plug-in. To build the plug-in, perform the following steps:

  1. Start Visual Studio .NET.

  2. On the File menu, click Open Solution.

  3. In the Open Solution dialog box, navigate to the \Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK\Samples\multimedia\WindowsMediaServices9\CacheProxy\cplusplus folder, and then click ProxyPlugin.sln.

  4. On the Build menu, click Build Solution to build and register the WMS SDK Sample Proxy plug-in.

Registering a plug-in creates the registry structure which makes the plug-in available to Windows Media Services. To make the plug-in visible to the server, the CLSID of a proxy plug-in must be placed beneath both the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry keys. The sample plug-in uses a registry script, ProxyPlugin.rgs, and calls regsvr32 in the command line property of the custom build step to register the plug-in.

If you must re-register the WMS SDK Sample Proxy plug-in after it is built, you can do so manually on the command line by supplying the DLL path to the regsvr32 command as illustrated by the following example.

regsvr32 /s /c "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK\Samples\multimedia\WindowsMediaServices9\CacheProxy\cplusplus\Debug\ProxyPlugin.dll" 

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