Microsoft Speech API 5.4


SPVTEXTFRAG is the structure through which input text is passed to the TTS engine.  The text passed to an ISpVoice::Speak call will normally be parsed for SAPI 5 XML, and the resulting list of SPVTEXTFRAGs will be passed to an ISpTTSEngine::Speak call.

    typedef struct SPVTEXTFRAG
    struct SPVTEXTFRAG   *pNext;
SPVSTATE              State;
    LPCWSTR               pTextStart;
    ULONG                 ulTextLen;
    ULONG                 ulTextSrcOffset;


  • pNext
    Pointer to the next text fragment in list. A NULL value indicates the end of the list.
  • State
    The current XML attribute state.
  • pTextStart
    Pointer to the beginning of the text string associated with this fragment.
  • ulTextLen
    The length, in characters, of the text string associated with this fragment.
  • ulTextSrcOffset
    Original character offset of pTextStart within the text string passed to ISpVoice::Speak.