SpeechDiscardType (SAPI 5.4)

Microsoft Speech API 5.4

SpeechDiscardType Enum

The SpeechDiscardType enumeration lists flags indicating portions of a recognition result to be removed or eliminated once they are no longer needed.


  Enum SpeechDiscardType
    SDTProperty = 1
    SDTReplacement = 2
    SDTRule = 4
    SDTDisplayText = 8
    SDTLexicalForm = 16
    SDTPronunciation = 32
    SDTAudio = 64
    SDTAlternates = 128
    SDTAll = 255
End Enum


  • SDTProperty
    Removes the property tree.
  • SDTReplacement
    Removes the phrase replacement text for inverse text normalization.
  • SDTRule
    Removes the non-top level rule tree information for a phrase.
  • SDTDisplayText
    Removes the display text.
  • SDTLexicalForm
    Removes the lexicon from text.
  • SDTPronunciation
    Removes the pronunciation text.
  • SDTAudio
    Removes the audio data that is attached to a phrase. However, the audio has to have been both set and retained.
  • SDTAlternates
    Removes the alternate data that is attached to a phrase. Discarding alternates loses the words permanently and they cannot be retrieved.
  • SDTAll
    Remove all the features above.