ISpeechXMLRecoResult GetXMLErrorInfo Method (SAPI 5.4)

Microsoft Speech API 5.4

Interface: ISpeechXMLRecoResult

GetXMLErrorInfo Method

The GetXMLErrorInfo method is used to discover the details of an error that occurred during semantic processing.

    LineNumber As Long,	
    ScriptLine As String,
    Source As String,
    Description As String,	
    ResultCode As Long
) As Boolean


  • LineNumber
    The line number where the error occurred.
  • ScriptLine
    The text of the line where the error occurred.
  • Source
    The location of the file in which the error occurred.
  • Description
    A description of the error.
  • ResultCode
    The code number of the error.

Return Value

True if an error did occur during semantic processing or else false.