DSCCAPS Structure

The DSCCAPS structure describes the capabilities of the capture device. It is used by the IDirectSoundCapture8::GetCaps method.


typedef struct DSCCAPS {
    DWORD dwSize;
    DWORD dwFlags;
    DWORD dwFormats;
    DWORD dwChannels;


  • dwSize
    Size of the structure, in bytes. This member must be initialized before the structure is used.

  • dwFlags
    Specifies device capabilities. Can be zero or one or more of the following flags.

    Value Description
    DSCCAPS_CERTIFIED The driver for the device is a certified WDM driver.
    DSCCAPS_EMULDRIVER There is no DirectSoundCapture driver for the device, so the standard waveform audio functions are being used.
    DSCCAPS_MULTIPLECAPTURE Multiple capture objects can be used simultaneously on the capture device.
  • dwFormats
    Standard formats that are supported. These are equivalent to the values in the WAVEINCAPS structure used in the Win32 waveform audio functions, and are defined in MMSystem.h in the Platform SDK.

  • dwChannels
    Number of channels supported by the device, where 1 is mono, 2 is stereo, and so on.


Header: Declared in DSound.h.