IKsPropertySet::Get Method

The Get method retrieves data for an item in a property set.


         REFGUID rguidPropSet,
         ULONG ulId,
         LPVOID pInstanceData,
         ULONG ulInstanceLength,
         LPVOID pPropertyData,
         ULONG ulDataLength,
         PULONG pulBytesReturned


  • rguidPropSet
    Reference to (C++) or address of (C) a GUID representing the property set to be accessed.
  • ulId
    Item within the property set to be accessed. Items are indexed from 0 and are always the same for a given property set GUID.
  • pInstanceData
    Instance data for the get call.
  • ulInstanceLength
    Number of bytes pointed to by pInstanceData.
  • pPropertyData
    Data to set for this item.
  • ulDataLength
    Number of bytes pointed to by pPropertyData
  • pulBytesReturned
    Address of a variable that receives the number of bytes written into pPropertyData.

Return Value

Return values are determined by the designer of the property set.

If the method succeeds, the return value may be S_OK.

If it fails, the method may return one E_POINTER.


The format of the data in both pInstanceData and pPropertyData is item-specific.


Header: Declared in DSound.h.

Library: Use Dsound3d.dll.

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