ISpEventSource (SAPI 5.4)

Microsoft Speech API 5.4


The ISpEventSource inherits from the ISpNotifySource interface.  Using the methods on ISpNotifySource an application can specify the mechanism by which they receive notifications.  Applications can configure which events should trigger notifications and which events retrieve queued events.

An ISpEventSource provides the mechanism to filter and queue events. By default, an application (really an ISpNotifySink) receives no notifications from the SpVoice object, until SetInterest has been called to specify on which events to notify or queue.  For the SpRecoContext object, the default event interest is set to queue only recognition events.

When an application is notified of an event that is not queued, it will proceed based on which event sink receives the notification. From context, an application might know exactly what it needs to do, or it may need to interact with the components that sent the notifications. If an application is notified of a queued event, the application will call ISpEventSource::GetEvents to retrieve the actual events that caused a notification.

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