Fax Error Codes

Fax service methods return an HRESULT value indicating success or failure. If the method succeeds, it returns S_OK. Otherwise, it returns a Component Object Model (COM)-defined error code.

You should not check directly for success or failure. Use the COM SUCCEEDED and FAILED macros instead.

The fax service extended COM API supports the IErrorInfo interface when reporting errors.

Methods that include remote procedure call (RPC) calls as part of their implementation can return any type of RPC error (Microsoft Win32 error) disguised as an HRESULT.

In addition, there are error codes that are specific to the fax service, as shown in the following table.

Error ID Value Remarks
FAX_E_SRV_OUTOFMEMORY 0x80041b59 The fax server failed to allocate memory.
FAX_E_GROUP_NOT_FOUND 0x80041b5a The fax server failed to locate an outbound routing group by name.
FAX_E_BAD_GROUP_CONFIGURATION 0x80041b5b The fax server encountered an outbound routing group with bad configuration.
FAX_E_GROUP_IN_USE 0x80041b5c The fax server cannot remove an outbound routing group because it is in use by one or more outbound routing rules.
FAX_E_RULE_NOT_FOUND 0x80041b5d The fax server failed to locate an outbound routing rule by country/region code and area code.
FAX_E_NOT_NTFS 0x80041b5e The fax server cannot set an archive folder to a non-NTFS partition.
FAX_E_DIRECTORY_IN_USE 0x80041b5f The fax server cannot use the same folder for both the inbox and the sent-items archives.
FAX_E_FILE_ACCESS_DENIED 0x80041b60 The fax server cannot access the specified file or folder.
FAX_E_MESSAGE_NOT_FOUND 0x80041b61 The fax server cannot find the job or message by its ID.
FAX_E_DEVICE_NUM_LIMIT_EXCEEDED 0x80041b62 The fax server cannot complete the operation because the number of active fax devices allowed for this version of Windows was exceeded.
FAX_E_NOT_SUPPORTED_ON_THIS_SKU 0x80041b63 The fax server cannot complete the operation because it is not supported for this version of Windows.
FAX_E_VERSION_MISMATCH 0x80041b64 The fax server API version does not support the requested operation.
FAX_E_RECIPIENTS_LIMIT 0x80041b65 The limit for the number of recipients of a single fax broadcast was reached.