Fax Service Client API Visual Basic Reference

The Fax Service Client API includes the following Component Object Model (COM) objects that are available through Microsoft Visual Basic.

You must connect to an active fax server before accessing most objects that begin with Fax. (A fax server connection is not required to access a FaxTiff object.) To connect to and disconnect from a fax server, use the FaxServer object. Call the Connect method of the FaxServer object to initiate the connection. After you obtain the connection, you can call other methods to create other objects you need.

When you have finished using an object, and before disconnecting from the server, you must destroy each object you have created. To do this, set the variable to Nothing as illustrated in the following example.

Set objFaxPort = Nothing
Set objFaxPorts = Nothing

To disconnect from the server, call the Disconnect method of the FaxServer object.

The Fax Client Object Model

Using the Fax Client COM Implementation with Visual Basic