Generic Fax Access Rights

If you are using the Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) implementation, your fax client application cannot access this functionality at this time.

The Fax Service Client API defines the following generic fax access rights. Generic rights implicitly grant to users the indicated specific fax access rights.

Value Meaning
FAX_READ Includes the read-only rights granted by the following specific access rights: FAX_JOB_QUERY, FAX_CONFIG_QUERY, and FAX_PORT_QUERY.
FAX_WRITE This access is identical to the permissions granted by the FAX_JOB_SUBMIT specific access right. Note that this right does not include permission to modify data at the port or server levels.
FAX_ALL_ACCESS Includes all read/write administrative permissions granted by the following specific access rights: FAX_CONFIG_QUERY, FAX_CONFIG_SET, FAX_JOB_MANAGE, FAX_JOB_QUERY, FAX_JOB_SUBMIT, FAX_PORT_QUERY, and FAX_PORT_SET.


For more information about the rights users must have to query and modify port data, see Fax Port Access Levels.