Managing Collections

A collection is an object that holds a set of individual objects of the same type. Usually, the name of the collection will be the plural of the name of the individual object types within the collection; for example, the FPCNetworkRules collection holds FPCNetworkRule objects.

Collections allow you to quickly access the settings assigned to multiple objects of the same type using a script. For example, the FPCPolicyRules collection is used to hold policy rules, in the form of FPCPolicyRule objects. You can easily iterate through the collection and retrieve or modify specific properties of all the rules in the collection with a simple script.

Collections are used to apply rules to sets of items of the same type. For example, access rules can be applied to a specific set of users by creating a FPCUserSet object to define the user set and then including a reference to the user set, in the form of an FPCRef object, in the collection of references stored in the UserSets property of one or more access rules.

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Build date: 7/12/2010