Logging.LogException Method (Exception, String, String, Boolean)

Logs an exception with information about the calling method, when the exception occurred, and whether the exception was caught and handled.

Namespace: Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.Logging
Assembly: Logging (in Logging.dll)


Dim ex As Exception
Dim caller As String
Dim details As String
Dim handledException As Boolean

Logging.LogException(ex, caller, details, handledException)


Public Shared Sub LogException ( _
    ex As Exception, _
    caller As String, _
    details As String, _
    handledException As Boolean _
public static void LogException (
    Exception ex,
    string caller,
    string details,
    bool handledException
static void LogException (
    Exception^ ex, 
    String^ caller, 
    String^ details, 
    bool handledException
public static void LogException (
    Exception ex, 
    String caller, 
    String details, 
    boolean handledException
public static function LogException (
    ex : Exception, 
    caller : String, 
    details : String, 
    handledException : boolean


  • ex
    The exception to log.
  • caller
    The name of the method in which the exception occurred.
  • details
    Additional information that describes when the exception occurred.
  • handledException
    Whether the exception was caught and handled.

Thread Safety

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.


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