IFsrmClassificationManager.EnumRules Method (_FsrmRuleType, _FsrmEnumOptions)


Enumerates the rules of the specified type.

Namespace:   Microsoft.Storage
Assembly:  srmlib (in srmlib.dll)


IFsrmCollection EnumRules(
    _FsrmRuleType RuleType,
    _FsrmEnumOptions options = _FsrmEnumOptions.FsrmEnumOptions_None
IFsrmCollection^ EnumRules(
    _FsrmRuleType RuleType,
    _FsrmEnumOptions options = _FsrmEnumOptions::FsrmEnumOptions_None
abstract EnumRules : 
        RuleType:_FsrmRuleType *
        options:_FsrmEnumOptions = _FsrmEnumOptions.FsrmEnumOptions_None -> IFsrmCollection
Function EnumRules (
    RuleType As _FsrmRuleType,
    options As _FsrmEnumOptions
) As IFsrmCollection


Return Value

Type: Microsoft.Storage.IFsrmCollection

Returns a IFsrmCollection interface that contains a collection of classification rules. Each item in the collection is a VARIANT of type VT_DISPATCH. Query the pdispVal member of the variant for the IFsrmRule interface. You can then use the RuleType property to determine the rule's type. Query the IFsrmRule interface for the rule interface to use. For example, if the value of the RuleType parameter is FsrmRuleType_Classification, query the IFsrmRule interface for the IFsrmClassificationRule interface.

The collection contains only committed rules; the collection will not contain newly created rules that have not been committed.

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