About New Features in this Release

This version of Microsoft HTML Help contains several new features. New features introduced in each version of HTML Help are listed here:


  • Two system policies have been introduced to address various security issues related to the Shortcut and WinHelp commands.
  • Various other bug fixes.


  • It is now possible to view help files that were created on different language versions of Windows.
  • Satellite .dll files enable help in all supported languages. Now help will always match the language of the installed operating system.
  • There is now a single version of Hhupd.exe that works in all supported languages.


  • Various stability enhancements.
  • Bidirectional language support has been fixed for embedded TOC and index controls (embedded controls use the <object> tag in HTML files). Right-to-left layout is now supported.
  • Improved support for Thai language systems.


  • Windows 95, Windows 98: Changing the language in regional settings no longer changes the language of the Help viewer. This corrects a situation where the language of the Help viewer could be changed to a language not installed on the system.
  • A DLL registration problem in earlier Workshop versions has been corrected.
  • Workshop now includes the 1.31 update. When you run Htmlhelp.exe, Help is automatically updated to 1.31.
  • Various other bug fixes.

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