To speed up the HTML Help Java Applet download time

  1. Place all the required class and image files into a cabinet (.cab) file if Microsoft Internet Explorer is the target browser, or a .zip file if Netscape Navigator is the target browser.

  2. Use the following syntax:

    <APPLET archive="" code="HHCtrl.class" width=200 height=200 codebase="code base">
    <PARAM name="Command" value="command type">
    <PARAM name="Item1" value="text data">
    <PARAM name="Cabbase" value="">


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer lets you specify a CABBASE parameter with the name of a .cab file. A .cab file is a compressed archive containing your class files.
  • Netscape Navigator uses an ARCHIVE parameter with the <APPLET> tag, and an uncompressed .zip file as an archive.

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