To write text for pop-up windows

  1. Copy the following syntax in your HTML file:

    <SCRIPT Language=JavaScript> 
    <i>font_variable</i>="<i>Facename[, point size[, charset[, PLAIN BOLD ITALIC UNDERLINE]]]</i>" 
    <i>text_variable</i>="<i>A Pop-up Window</i>" 
    <i>text_variable2</i>="<i>Another Pop-up Window"</i> 

    where font_variable is the name of the variable that specifies the font attributes for the text, and text_variable is the name of the variable that specifies the text of the pop-up window.

  2. Create one text variable (with a unique name) for each pop-up window.


The following script specifies 10 point Verdana as the font to use for the text and defines four pop-up windows:

<SCRIPT Language=JavaScript>
   square1="Welcome to Square 1!"
   square2="This is Square 2!"
   square3="Welcome to Square 3!"
   square4="Square 4 welcomes you!"


  • You can place the pop-up windows anywhere within the <BODY> start and end tags of your HTML file.
  • The text for pop-up windows can also be stored in a text file with the .js file name extension that you reference from your HTML file.
  • For more information about specifying font attributes, see the TextPopup method.

Step 3: Add the Image to Your Project File