escrowed-export Element

The <escrowed-export> element contains information about the difference between the <unconfirmed-export-hologram> element and the <escrowed-export-hologram> element.





Child Elements

Element Description


The information about the difference.

Parent Elements



Child Element Sequence

The tree shows the ordering and number of child elements. Child elements in a Sequence must appear in the order given and child elements in a Choice are mutually exclusive. Sequences and Choices can be nested. Element names are followed by the minimum and maximum occurrences.

delta (Exactly 1)


If you apply the <escrowed-export><delta> element to the <unconfirmed-export-hologram> element, you get the <escrowed-export-hologram> element.

Element Information

Can be empty No

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Build date: 2/16/2009