Filtering Well-Known Properties


Indexing Service is no longer supported as of Windows XP and is unavailable for use as of Windows 8. Instead, use Windows Search for client side search and Microsoft Search Server Express for server side search.


Microsoft encourages all IFilter interface implementers to adopt sets of well-known properties so that client applications can use one query to search for these properties on all file classes that have IFilter interface support. Clients calling IFilter interface implementations can request a set of properties they would like to see during the IFilter::Init method call.

Properties have unique identifiers made up of the globally unique identifier (GUID) of a property set, followed by a property ID. The property ID can be a unique number within the property set for properties with type PRSPEC_PROPID or a unique string corresponding to the name of the property for properties of type PRSPEC_LPWSTR. The following list describes the well-known properties used by Indexing Service.

Property Name Property Set GUID/ Property ID or Name Description
Text B725F130-47EF-101A-A5F1-02608C9EEBAC 19
From storage properties of a file
Description D1B5D3F0-C0B3-11CF-9A92-00A0C908DBF1 "DESCRIPTION"
From HTML Filter; can be used to generate Abstract
Title F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9 2
From Microsoft Office Summary Information property set
Subject F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9 3
From Office Summary Information property set
Author F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9 4
From Office Summary Information property set
Keywords F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9 5
From Office Summary Information property set
Comments F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9 6
From Office Summary Information property set