iSCSI Discovery Library Structures

This section details the following iSCSI Discovery Library Structures.

Structure Description
IKE_AUTHENTICATION_INFORMATION Contains Internet Key Exchange (IKE) authentication information that establishes a secure channel between two key management daemons.
IKE_AUTHENTICATION_PRESHARED_KEY Contains information about the preshared key used in the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocol.
ISCSI_CONNECTION_INFO Contains information about a connection.
ISCSI_DEVICE_ON_SESSION Specifies multiple methods for identifying a device associated with an iSCSI login session.
ISCSI_LOGIN_OPTIONS Utilized by initiators to specify the characteristics of a login session.
ISCSI_SESSION_INFO Contains session information in either ASCII or wide character format.
ISCSI_TARGET_MAPPING Contains information about a target and the HBAs and buses through which the target can be reached.
ISCSI_TARGET_PORTAL_GROUP Contains information about the portals associated with a portal group.
ISCSI_TARGET_PORTAL Contains information about a portal.
ISCSI_TARGET_PORTAL_INFO Contains information about a target portal.
ISCSI_TARGET_PORTAL_INFO_EX Contains information about login credentials to a target portal.
ISCSI_UNIQUE_CONNECTION_ID Contains data that uniquely identifies a connection.
ISCSI_UNIQUE_SESSION_ID Contains data that uniquely identifies a session.
ISCSI_VERSION_INFO Contains the version and build numbers of the iSCSI software initiator and initiator service.
PERSISTENT_ISCSI_LOGIN_INFO Describes a login session that the Microsoft iSCSI initiator service reestablishes automatically after the computer boots up.
SCSI_LUN_LIST Utilized to construct a list of logical unit numbers (LUNs) associated with target devices.