AttachOrModifyReplica method of the MSISCSITARGET_StorageConfigurationService class

Creates or modifies a MSISCSITARGET_StorageSynchronized relationship between two existing storage objects.

This method is inherited from the CIM_StorageConfigurationService class.


uint32 AttachOrModifyReplica(
  [out] CIM_ConcreteJob Ref    Job,
  [in]  CIM_ManagedElement Ref SourceElement,
  [in]  CIM_ManagedElement Ref TargetElement,
  [in]  uint16                 CopyType,
  [in]  string                 Goal,
  [in]  CIM_NetworkPipe Ref    ReplicationPipe


Job [out]

On return, contains a reference to the job, if a job is created and not completed.

SourceElement [in]

Specifies the source storage object, which can be a MSISCSITARGET_StorageVolume object or other storage object.

TargetElement [in]

Specifies the replica storage element. The replica can be a local or a remote storage element.

CopyType [in]

Specifies the type of copy to make.

Async (2)

Creates and maintains an asynchronous copy of the source.

Sync (3)

Creates and maintains a synchronized copy of the source.

UnSyncAssoc (4)

Creates an unsynchronized copy and maintains an association with the source.

UnSyncUnAssoc (5)

Creates an unsynchronized and disassociated copy of the source element.

DMTF Reserved


Vendor Specific


Goal [in]

Specifies the properties to be created or modified for the target element in the form of a string representation of a CIM_StorageSetting instance.

ReplicationPipe [in]

Specifies a CIM_NetworkPipe instance that defines a peer-to-peer connection between the source and target elements. Can be NULL if a pre-established connection is not required.

Return value

This method returns one of the following values.

Job Completed with No Error (0)

Not Supported (1)

Unspecified Error (2)

Timeout (3)

Failed (4)

Invalid Parameter (5)

In Use (6)

DMTF Reserved (7 0x0FFF)

Method Parameters Checked - Job Started (0x1000)

Method Reserved (0x1001 0x7FFF)

Vendor Specific (0x8000 0xFFFF)


Minimum supported client
None supported
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2012 R2

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