RemoveFromRemoteReplicationCollection method of the CIM_ReplicationService class

Remove (or start a job to remove) service access points (i.e. ProtocolEndpoints) and/or remote systems associations from an existing instance of RemoteReplicationCollection.If 0 is returned, the function completed successfully and no ConcreteJob instance created. If 4096/0x1000 is returned, a ConcreteJob is started, a reference to which is returned in the Job output parameter. If parameter AccessPoints is NULL, then only the remote ComputerSystem is removed for the existing AccessPoints associated to the RemoteReplicationCollection. If ComputerSystem is NULL, then only AccessPoints are removed from the existing remote ComputerSystems known to the RemoteReplicationCollection.


uint32 RemoveFromRemoteReplicationCollection(
  [in]  CIM_ServiceAccessPoint     REF LocalAccessPoints[],
  [in]  CIM_ServiceAccessPoint     REF RemoteAccessPoints[],
  [in]  CIM_ComputerSystem         REF RemoteComputerSystem,
  [out] CIM_ConcreteJob            REF Job,
  [in]  CIM_ConnectivityCollection REF ConnectivityCollection


LocalAccessPoints [in]

An array of references to local ServiceAccessPoints (for example, ProtocolEndpoints) that allow communication to the remote system.

RemoteAccessPoints [in]

An array of references to remote ServiceAccessPoints (for example, ProtocolEndpoints) that allow communication to the remote system.

RemoteComputerSystem [in]

A reference to the remote system to remove.

Job [out]

Reference to the job (may be NULL if job is completed).

ConnectivityCollection [in]

The reference to the RemoteReplicationCollection to affect.

Return value

Completed with No Error (0)

Not Supported (1)

Unknown (2)

Timeout (3)

Failed (4)

Invalid Parameter (5)

In Use (6)

DMTF Reserved (7 4095)

Method Parameters Checked - Job Started (4096)

Method Reserved (4097 32767)

Vendor Specific (32768 4294967295)


Minimum supported client
None supported
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2012 R2

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