Management Information Base


The Management Information Base (MIB) application programming interface (API) provides a set of structures used to contain network and network management data for a number of technologies, including Remote Access Routing Services, Internet Protocol (IP) Helper, and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

Where applicable

The MIB data structures are used to store, manage, and maintain network and network management data from a variety of sources. Such data can include routing information, protocol information, and network statistics.

Developer audience

Developers using the MIB structures and enumerations should be familiar with basic C programming concepts and Windows networking. The structures provided by MIB can be used across a wide variety of network and network management technologies and applications.

Run-time requirements

The structures in the MIB API are supported on both Microsoft Windows network servers and clients. For more specific information about which operating systems support a particular structure, refer to the Requirements sections in the documentation.

In this section

Topic Description
What's New in MIB
Information on new features in MIB.
About Management Information Base
General information on the MIB data used by application programming interfaces and the technologies that operate on this data.
Management Information Base Reference
Reference documentation on the data structures and enumerations provided by MIB.