Implementing MMC 2.0 Interfaces in Extension Snap-ins

An extension snap-in can support any or all of the following extension types:

  • Namespace extension
  • Context menu extension
  • Toolbar extension
  • Menu button extension
  • Property page extension
  • Taskpad extension
  • View extension (requires MMC 2.0)

Namespace extensions add scope items to a primary snap-in's scope pane. Namespace extensions must implement IComponentData. Non-namespace extensions — context menu, toolbar, menu button, property page, and taskpad extensions — do not add scope items to a primary snap-in's scope pane, and consequently they do not need to implement IComponentData.

Context menu extensions must implement IExtendContextMenu, toolbar and menu button extensions implement IControlbar, property page extensions implement IExtendPropertySheet2, and taskpad extensions implement IExtendTaskpad.

View extensions must implement the IExtendView interface.

Details about writing extensions are provided in the following topics:

Requirements for Extension Snap-ins

Working with Extension Snap-ins