Windows SideShow Gadgets

Windows Vista SideShow is a new technology in Windows Vista. It frees developers from writing device-specific code. Instead, they write gadgets (mini-applications) that format and send data to a variety of display devices connected to a computer. This technology enables developers to create gadgets and extend existing applications for devices with varying display and interaction models. The devices supported by the platform include, but are not limited to, displays attached to a laptop, front panel computer displays, displays embedded in keyboards, cell phones, digital picture frames, and other display devices.

Because of the rich environment available to developers and Windows SideShow, guidelines are an effective way to explore the capabilities of Windows Vista within the Windows SideShow environment while maintaining a consistent user experience.

For more information about UX Guidelines, see Windows SideShow User Experience Guidelines For Gadgets.

Platform-Defined Endpoints

Developing Windows SideShow Gadgets