Property group: Column


Type: Any

Typical R/W: R/W

Description: Default

A VARIANT specifying the default value for an object ? typically a domain or column. If the default value is a string, the string must be quoted so that it can be distinguished from an object of the same name. If the provider supports the PROVIDER_TYPES schema rowset, quoting should use the LITERAL_PREFIX and LITERAL_SUFFIX characters. For example, 'Salary' is a string, but Salary is an object, such as a column.

Specify any VARIANT type except VT_VARIANT (that is, do not nest a VARIANT within a VARIANT). The IDBProperties::GetPropertyInfo method will report the type of this property as VT_VARIANT.

If a column data type is an OLE DB data type that cannot be used in a VARIANT, set the default to a VARIANT type for which OLE DB defines a conversion (that is, a coercion) and which the provider also supports.

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