Overview of the OLE DB Persistence Provider

Who can use this provider

ADO and OLE DB developers wanting to save the results of a query to a local file for later viewing or modification can use the OLE DB Persistence Provider. The functionality of this provider can be exposed using ActiveX? Data Objects (ADO).

What this provider allows you to do

The OLE DB Persistence Provider allows you to save rowset data obtained from a data store, its accompanying metadata describing the columns of the rowset, and the rowset's state to a local file. Once saved, the data can be accessed later without reconnecting to the original data store.

Currently, the two formats allowed are Advanced Data Tablegram (ADTG) and an Extensible Markup Language (XML) representation of the underlying rowset. ADTG is the binary format used to remote rowsets by Remote Data Service (RDS), where the XML representation is Microsoft's XML schema for OLE DB rowsets based on the ASCII standard.

The OLE DB Persistence Provider is a service component that interacts with your OLE DB data provider and your data consumer. When coupled with other OLE DB service components, such as the Cursor Service or Remoting Provider, the result set gains functionality otherwise unavailable, allowing you to view or modify the disconnected rowset data as a recordset and update the original data store if desired.

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