Property group: Data Source Information


Type: VT_I4

Typical R/W: R

Description: OLE Object Support

A bitmask specifying the ways in which the provider supports access to BLOBs and COM objects stored in columns. A combination of zero or more of the following:

  • DBPROPVAL_OO_BLOB ? The provider supports access to BLOBs as structured storage objects. A consumer determines what interfaces are supported through DBPROP_STRUCTUREDSTORAGE.

  • DBPROPVAL_OO_DIRECTBIND ? The provider supports direct binding. If this bit is set, the IBindResource and ICreateRow interfaces are supported on the session object and the provider implements a provider binder object.

  • DBPROPVAL_OO_IPERSIST ? The provider supports access to COM objects through IPersistStream, IPersistStreamInit, or IPersistStorage.

  • DBPROPVAL_OO_ROWOBJECT ? The provider supports row objects. IGetRow is supported on rowsets. Row objects support the mandatory interfaces IRow, IGetSession, IColumnsInfo, and IConvertType. If the provider supports direct URL binding, it must support binding to row objects by passing DBGUID_ROW in IBindResource::Bind and, if supported, ICreateRow::CreateRow.

  • DBPROPVAL_OO_SCOPED ? Indicates that row objects implement IScopedOperations.

  • DBPROPVAL_OO_SINGLETON ? The provider supports singleton selects. The provider supports the return of row objects on ICommand::Execute and IOpenRowset::OpenRowset.

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