IUpdate.UninstallationBehavior Property


Applies To: Windows Server Update Services

Gets the removal behavior of the update.

Namespace:   Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration
Assembly:  Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration (in Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.dll)


InstallationBehavior UninstallationBehavior { get; }
property InstallationBehavior^ UninstallationBehavior {
    InstallationBehavior^ get();
abstract UninstallationBehavior : InstallationBehavior with get
ReadOnly Property UninstallationBehavior As InstallationBehavior

Property Value

Type: Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.InstallationBehavior

The removal behavior of the update. For example, the update requests user input or requires the user to restart the computer. For details, see InstallationBehavior.

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