XML Digital Signatures


[This feature was implemented only for MSXML 5.0 for Microsoft Office Applications.]

XML digital signatures are not supported in MXSML 6.0 and later.

This section covers the Microsoft COM-based implementation of XML Digital signature (XMLDSig), which allows you to sign and verify XML data in the form of a DOM document, DOM nodes, or a SAX stream.

Working with XMLDSig is similar to working with the XML DOM: You call methods and properties on the COM interfaces. This is because XMLDSig is built as a set of COM objects, following the same programming model as other features in MSXML.


To use XML digital signatures in your application will require MSXML 5.0 for Microsoft Office Applications. This implementation of XMLDSig complies with the "XML-Signature Syntax and Processing, W3C Recommendation 12 February 2002" specification. For more information see Other Resources.

In This Section

Starter Kit
Provides introductory information to help you get started using XML Digital Signatures.

Provides reference information about the XML Digital Signature API implemented in MSXML 5.0 for Microsoft Office Applications and later and its interfaces, methods, properties and events. This reference section includes detailed samples and instructions for performing Digital Signatures tasks.