Notation Declarations


Notation declarations associate a name with an identifier for a notation. The notation declarations are not validated. They are referenced when validating strings that are members of NOTATION simple type definitions are called in the XML document.

The public attribute of the notation element takes a public identifier from the ISO 8879 specification and system attribute takes a URI reference.


The following example associates the jpeg file with a system executable, viewer.exe.

The content of this element would be a binary definition of the jpeg.

<xs:notation name="jpeg" public="image/jpeg" system="viewer.exe" />
<xs:element name="picture">
         <xs:extension base="xs:hexBinary">
            <xs:attribute name="pictype"/>
                  <xs:restriction base="xs:NOTATION">
                     <xs:enumeration value="jpeg"/>

The following example shows an element, picture, in an XML document.

<picture pictype="jpeg">...</picture>