GetSupportedGroupOperations method of the MSFT_SMReplicationCapabilities class

Retrieves the supported replication group operations for the specified replication type.


uint32 GetSupportedGroupOperations(
  [in]            uint16                ReplicationType,
  [out]           uint16                SupportedGroupOperations[],
  [in, optional]  String                username,
  [in, optional]  String                password,
  [out, optional] MSFT_SMExtendedStatus ExtendedStatus


ReplicationType [in]

Indicates the replication type for which to retrieve supported group operations.

The possible values are:

Synchronous Mirror Local (2)

Asynchronous Mirror Local (3)

Synchronous Mirror Remote (4)

Asynchronous Mirror Remote (5)

Synchronous Snapshot Local (6)

Asynchronous Snapshot Local (7)

Synchronous Snapshot Remote (8)

Asynchronous Snapshot Remote (9)

Synchronous Clone Local (10)

Asynchronous Clone Local (11)

Synchronous Clone Remote (12)

Asynchronous Clone Remote (13)

Synchronous TokenizedClone Local (14)

Asynchronous TokenizedClone Local (15)

Synchronous TokenizedClone Remote (16)

Asynchronous TokenizedClone Remote (17)

Adaptive Mirror Local (18)

Adaptive Mirror Remote (19)

Adaptive Snapshot Local (20)

Adaptive Snapshot Remote (21)

Adaptive Clone Local (22)

Adaptive Clone Remote (23)

Adaptive TokenizedClone Local (24)

Adaptive TokenizedClone Remote (25)

DMTF Reserved

26 32767

Vendor Specific (32768)

SupportedGroupOperations [out]

An array that contains the supported group operations for the replication type.

Abort (2)

Activate Consistency (3)

Activate (4)

AddSyncPair (5)

Deactivate Consistency (6)

Deactivate (7)

Detach (8)

Dissolve (9)

Failover (10)

Failback (11)

Fracture (12)

RemoveSyncPair (13)

Resync Replica (14)

Restore from Replica (15)

Resume (16)

Reset To Sync (17)

Reset To Async (18)

Return To ResourcePool (19)

Reverse Roles (20)

Split (21)

Suspend (22)

Unprepare (23)

Prepare (24)

Reset To Adaptive (25)

DMTF Reserved

26 32767

Vendor Specific

32768 65535

username [in, optional]

The username used to authenticate the SMI-S provider.

password [in, optional]

The password used to authenticate the SMI-S provider.

ExtendedStatus [out, optional]

When this method returns, this parameter contains a MSFT_SMExtendedStatus object that contains detailed status information about the results of this operation.

Return value

The possible values are:

Success (0)

Not Supported (1)

Unknown (2)

Timeout (3)

Failed (4)

Invalid Parameter (5)

In Use (6)

DMTF Reserved (7 32767)

Vendor Specific (32768 65535)


Minimum supported client
None supported
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2016

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