Windows API Reference

API reference for the Windows Phone and Windows Store Applications SDKs.

In this section

AuthenticationParameters class

Authentication info to be used to get an access token.

CommonRights class

Rights that are supported by all apps.

ConsentResult class

Used for managing the user's consent information.

CustomProtectedStream class

Used to access files that use a custom protection format.

EmailRights class

Rights that apply to emails.

EditableDocumentRights class

Rights that apply to editable documents.

ErrorInfomation class

Enables access to error information.

GetProtectedFileStreamResult class

The result of the ProtectedFileStream::AcquireAsync operation.

GetUserPolicyResult class

Provides access for the referrer.

IAuthenticationCallback interface

Interface for getting access token.

IConsent interface

Used to manage types of user consent.

IConsentCallback interface

Interface for displaying consents.

OfflineCacheLifetimeConstants class

Provides constants for the PolicyDescriptor.OfflineCacheLifetimeInDays property.

PolicyDescriptor class

Information required for custom protection.

ProtectedFileStream class

Used to access a protected file.

UserRoles class

Provides for the mapping of roles and users.

Roles class

Implementation of roles for protecting documents.

TemplateDescriptor class

Template information

UserPolicy class

Represents the policy associated with protected content.

UserRights class

Supplies properties for users and their granted rights.

ConsentType enumeration

Supported types of consent.

CustomerExperienceOptions enumeration

Used to specify a logging option.

GetUserPolicyResultStatus enumeration

Provides constants for the result of the try at content consumption.

UserPolicyCreationOptions enumeration

Used to set flags when creating UserPolicy objects.

UserPolicyType enumeration

User policy type; template based or custom.

PolicyAcquisitionOptions enumeration

Specifies the expected mode for an operation