Smart Card API Structures

This topic is not current. For the most current information about the Smart Card API, see Smart Card Minidriver Specification.

The following structures are used by the smart card functions.

Smart Card Module Structures

The following structures are used with smart card module functions.

Structure Description
CARD_CAPABILITIES Contains information about the capabilities of a smart card.
CARD_DATA Contains context information used during communication between a smart card module and the Microsoft Base Smart Card Cryptographic Service Provider. The information contained by the structure includes function pointers for all of the functions implemented by the smart card module and for the functions that the Microsoft Base Smart Card Cryptographic Service Provider exports to the smart card module.
CARD_DERIVE_KEY Contains the key derivation function (KDF) that the CardDeriveKey function uses to derive a session key and receives the derived key on output.
CARD_DH_AGREEMENT_INFO Not currently supported.
CARD_FILE_INFO Contains information about a file on a smart card.
CARD_FREE_SPACE_INFO Contains information about the amount of available memory on a smart card.
CARD_KEY_SIZES Contains information about the key lengths supported by a smart card.
CARD_RSA_DECRYPT_INFO Specifies the data to be encrypted by the CardRSADecrypt function as well as the private key used to perform the decryption.
CARD_SIGNING_INFO Specifies data to be signed by a call to the CardSignData function.
CONTAINER_INFO Contains information about a key container on a smart card.