FC Target Ports Profile (Common Profiles, Clause 8)


The front-end FC Ports must be associated to "SCSIProtocolEndpoints" through "CIM_DeviceSAPImplementation" associations and to "ComputerSystems" through "CIM_HostedAccessPoint" associations. (Discovery uses the "CIM_NetworkPort" superclass for associator and reference calls.)

Property Notes
DeviceID Required.
ElementName Required.
HealthState Required.
LinkTechnology Required.
MaxSpeed Optional.
Name Required.
NetworkAddresses Required.
OperationalStatus Required.
PermanentAddress Required. Must match the SCSIProtocolEndpoint.Name property.
PortNumber Required.
PortType Required.
Speed Required.
UsageRestriction Required.



SCSIProtocolEndpoints are associated to physical ports through CIM_DeviceSAPImplementation associations and to the ComputerSystem through CIM_HostedAccessPoint associations.

Property Notes
Name Required. The Name property value must be an NAA formatted hex string that matches the target port exactly. The NameFormat property is ignored.
ConnectionType Required. Must be set to the following value: FC (2)
Role Required. Must be set to one of the following values:
  • Target (3)
  • Both (4)

There is no support for back-end (initiator) ports.

TargetRelativePortNumber Optional.


There must be an exact match between the following. If these do not match, masking will fail. See additional restrictions when Group Masking is implemented.

  • CIM_FCPort.PermanentAddress
  • CIM_SCSIProtocolEndpoint.Name
  • The WWPN presented on the FC interface
  • The WWPN exposed by the HBA API for the attached port

The FC Node Name may be provided through the OtherIdentifyingInfo and IndentifyingDescriptions properties of the CIM_ComputerSystem class. If this value is available, it will be displayed by the Get-TargetPort cmdlet for informational purposes only.



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